Oleg Boyko is the principal investor and Chairman of Finstar Financial Group, a diversified international private equity firm. He has a 24-year record of successes in finance, construction and real estate, retail, steelmaking, securities trading, media and fintech in Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia.

Oleg Viktorovich Boyko

He was born on 28 September 1964, and educated in Russia, the US and the UK. In 1999, he arranged a buyout, rollup and restructuring of three of Russia’s largest steelmakers to form Evraz Holding. Mr. Boyko reformed the company’s management system, introduced global best practices to enhance shareholder value, guided the company’s strategic direction, and, in 2004, sold his stake with an IRR of more than 100%. He has also variously founded, bought stakes in, helped expand, and sold companies as diverse as Rive Gauche, a cosmetics retail chain, Baltic Trust Bank, a Latvian bank, and real estate and media assets, often through his investment vehicle, Finstar Financial Group. Most recently, he has focused his attention on financial services and, especially, fintech, with a view to providing access to credit and banking-type services to those underserved by the traditional finance industry. Finstar has some USD 2bn of assets under management.

Beyond his business roles, Oleg Boyko is the Head of the Paralympic Movement Development Committee of the Russian Paralympic Committee, and the Founder of the international PARASPORT Foundation.

Oleg Boyko Parasport

He established the PARASPORT charity in 2006 during the Paralympic Winter Games in Turin to support the development of the Paralympic movement worldwide. Since then, the foundation has significantly increased its global footprint, supporting people with physical disabilities in their rehabilitation and their social adaptation, and sponsoring parathletes worldwide.

Mr. Boyko focuses his work within the organization on three main objectives: to provide funding for Paralympic teams, to assist with the organization of charitable events and to stimulate a climate of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for disabled persons.

Oleg Boyko has remained from the beginning at the forefront of developing PARASPORT. He serves as the creative and thought leader of projects focused on Paralympic sport popularization and on challenging society’s perception of disabled people. To this end, in 2014, he hosted and produced the television program Heroes of our Time, a talk show during the XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014. Heroes of our Time offered a platform for Paralympic athletes and famous people with disabilities to tell their stories of overcoming life’s difficulties and achieving success despite their circumstances. The show also included the latest news, reports, interviews and results from the event.

Boyko mafia

In 2015, Oleg Boyko was appointed member of the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation’s Development Committee. IWAS president Paul De Pace also awarded Mr. Boyko with an Honorary Diploma for his significant personal contribution to the 2015 IWAS World Games and as recognition of his achievements in the international Paralympic movement’s development.