Paralympic talk show "Heroes of our Time" launches on RBC TV

  • Mar 08 2014
  • By Admin Person

From the capital of the Winter Games, the city of Sochi, the program's hosts, businessman Oleg Boiko, showman Vadim Galygin and journalist Alexander

Lyubimov, will tell viewers about the highlights of the 2014 Paralympics. The show includes the latest news of the day from the sport, intermediate and final

results of competitions, reports from the Olympic Park and Olympic facilities, plus exclusive flash-interviews with athletes and spectators.

The main protagonists of the talk show will be legendary Russian Paralympic athletes and famous people with disabilities, who will tell their stories of

overcoming life's difficulties and achieving success in spite of their circumstances. Among the guests of the show are show-business stars, politicians and

businessmen who came to Sochi to support the Russian Paralympic team.

Information about who exactly will become "Heroes of our time" has not yet been disclosed.

"The central theme will be the history of people with disabilities who have achieved incredible success in life, no matter what the internal and external

factors. The purpose of the show is to make a breakthrough in the minds of Russians and break stereotypes, to change the opinion of our audience about

people with disabilities," says the program co-presenter, CEO of RBC TV Alexander Lyubimov.

"The decision about the heroes of the program was rather hard and was accompanied by a lengthy discussion. For us, Oleg, Alexander and me, it was

necessary to determine the best of the best and choose from among truly outstanding people. For me, for example, it was a revelation that the only person in

the world with cerebral palsy, which is engaged in extreme sports - high speed canopy piloting - lives in Belarus. And he is no longer a beginner and

amateur. He has over 30 jumps from a height of 4000 meters. Last year, he and a group of Russian comrades set a new record in Russian group parachute

acrobatics. Or, for example, that the founder of the company producing the most high-tech assistive technology for people with disabilities, which has no

analogues in the world, is not living in Tokyo or San Francisco, but in our country - in Kaliningrad. In general, the characters of the show are exceptional,

and there is much to learn from them. Our life is so lacking in optimism and our show will only add to it," says co-host Vadim Galygin.

The talk show is unique in its composition of hosts - the first show to gather in one place a journalist, a prominent businessman and a showman. Such a

decision by the producers will make the program even more versatile and bright. Talk shows of such a format in Russia have not yet existed. In each episode,

the hosts - Alexander Lyubimov, Oleg Boyko and Vadim Galygin - will discuss with guests their real-life situations and their journeys to success.

Each of the hosts will also conduct his own section devoted to the Paralympic Games in Sochi. Thus, Vadim Galygin will tell viewers about the most

interesting events occurring outside the boundaries of sporting locations. Oleg Boyko, in his segment "Accessible Environment" will personally inspect how

the city prepared for meeting Paralympians and their fans. Topics of the maestro of journalism Alexander Lyubimov will consist of stories about the

Paralympic Games - it will communicate with Paralympians, coaches, doctors and representatives of international Paralympic sports federations.